About Us

For years, Outdoor Specialists, LLC has continued to flourish as one of the largest landscape contractors in the Indianapolis area. We are a full service company carrying landscape, engineering and building contractor’s experience allowing us to perform total site development as a landscape contractor. With our main offices located in Zionsville, Indiana we are readily able to provide services to the central Indiana metropolitan area.

Our highly qualified staff consists of dedicated employees made up of clerical, maintenance, construction and design professionals with the customers needs in mind. What this longevity and loyalty translates into is experience, knowledge and professionalism that are incorporated into every project we acquire. It also means that we are not all dollars and cents; but have our customers’ best interests at heart by being sensitive to budgeting, value engineering and time lines. We have the accessibility to the manpower needed to meet accelerated schedules, further assurance that we do what it takes to get the job done on time.

A combination of field management, technical skills, project documentation and great enthusiasm are guarantees that Outdoor Specialists, LLC will always accomplish the desired results. Our site supervisors and project managers are available to answer questions on the spot, enabling them to solve any problems that should arise quickly and efficiently. Outdoor Specialists, LLC has over the years, built a credible reputation that precedes our employees on every project. A great deal of that reputation was built on the pride, dedication and commitment that is evident at all levels throughout our company.